Christine Imaizumi
Welcome. A few things I love to do: Create beautiful and useful interfaces, foster creative thinking, lead delivering design teams, and explore emerging technologies.
  1. Crestron TouchPanel Remote Interface

  2. Travel Itinerary Redesign

  3. Travel Homepage Redesign

  1. Travel Destinations Redesign

  2. Hack Day Splash + Illustrations

  3. Login / Sign Up Modal

  1. Restaurant Website

  2. Travel Reminder Email

  3. IM Application - Android

  1. Local Farmers Network

  2. University Redesign - ADDY Award

  3. Custom Hats Website

  1. Vector Artwork

  2. IM Website

  3. Server Management Website

  1. Sports Organization Website

  2. Disney-Pixar 'UP' Homepage Skin

  3. Caring Hands Charity Website

  1. McDonald's Monopoly Homepage Skin

  2. Rethink Books Website

  3. United Methodist Organization Website

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